Kate Nixon

Celebrating 180 years of Busatti

Since 1842 the Busatti family has been weaving in the cellars of the Palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. The first machineries to card wool are actually dated late 1700 early 1800 when after the French invasion, Napoleonic troops decided to install a production of uniforms in Anghiari for the Grande Armée (Grand Army) . To dye them blue they started again cultivating Guado (woad similar to indigo), known since Piero della Francesca times who used it to paint his frescoes. Machineries, originally steam powered, were electrified in the 1930’s by Livio Busatti when the company took its current look and structure.

Busatti is still a synonym of quality and tradition, but also of innovation because of a constant search of new designs, colors and models. We can meet any textile home decor and linen request. In addition to our normal production lines, we can customize any request to your specifications. We can make tablecloths, curtains, bath towels, fabric panels and many more in any dimension and shape. We can also create and make exclusive embroideries or a customized unique pattern. Each texture comes from the passion and the unicity of our work which we are always proud to show in our antique workshop in Anghiari.

The history of our company, always owned by the same family is woven into the surrounding area as much as the geography. A very long course starting with the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (Gran Ducato di Toscana), the contribution to Italian unification with a Garibaldi family member (Garibaldi was General that led the Italian unification in 1871) , through two world wars and several economic crises. All this has entitled Busatti to become a member of Italian Historical Businesses (UICI Unione Imprese Centenarie Italiane), an association born in Florence that gathers only Italian excellences of great tradition and history owned by the same family for over 150 years.