Shop the Look | Effortless Outdoor Spaces

Shop the Look | Effortless Outdoor Spaces

Summer is the perfect time to transform your outdoor area for lazy weekends and effortless entertaining.

Here are some of my favourite ways to style an outdoor space. 


Inside Out

Think of your outdoor space as a seamless extension of your interior. Use consistent tones and textures to make both feel cohesive.

Maximise Space & Seating

Built-in perimeter seating or free-standing bench seats you can push against a wall help maximise circulation. Cushions can transform steps into additional seating.



Wherever possible, incorporate natural plants into your outdoor room. Planted or potted flowers or herbs - foliage softens hard surfaces and creates a point of focus.  


Think about lighting in your terrace, courtyard or balcony as you would your indoor rooms. Consider wall sconces to demarcate doors or windows, pendants over dining tables or lounge settings, spike lights under feature plants, and lanterns and candles you can move around to suit your setting.


Personalise with decorative accents and accessories such as outdoor artwork or mirrors, sculptures, decorative pots and cushions to make the space your own. 

We hope you feel inspired to transform your balcony and outdoor spaces! Shop the Look at our KATE NIXON STORE with all our favourite finds.

Wishing you many memorable moments and much Everyday Joy in your outdoor haven!