Rock Star

The interior design retains a calm, contemporary East meets West aesthetic upholding core values of balance, authenticity, stability, agility and sustainability grounded in nature.
A holistic approach to fundamental human comfort factors, integrated technologies and meaningful ESG principles deliver sophisticated, seamlessly integrated spaces.

Robust and hard wearing, rock has been used by humans for millions of years. Formed at high temperatures, when stress or pressure is applied rock evolves and cycles through various forms transcending time and place. Utilised as the foundation for this corporate interior concept, rock is applied to key surfaces, fortifying the permanent yet constantly evolving and innovative nature of the firm and the dynamic markets it serves.

Minimalist design principles draw on quality of material and a quiet palette with meticulous spatial planning and exhaustive attention to detail.

Client and company experience emotive engagement and resort style luxury in a professional, highly functional environment which cannot be achieved by working from home.